The ice canoe trips offered by Ice Canoe Experience are focused on initiation et la discovery.
Our ice canoe experiences takes place in three (3) stages: :

Stage 1: Preparation

We welcome participants in our customer area, located at Anse and Foulon. Once everyone is comfortable, our guides will present the ice canoe’s historical role in maritime connections on the Saint-Lawrence. Everyone then suits up in their specialized equipment and, finally, our guides teach you the basic techniques and go over the safety instructions.

Stage 2: In the Canoe

We’re ready to go and (excited) we all head toward the river. The routes are adapted according to current weather conditions and tides. Canoers (that’s you) will have the opportunity to try both the oars and the crampons (aka “scooters”).

We’ll stop for a break around half way so you can walk on the ice, sip a hot chocolate and eat fresh pastries from Le Croquembouche bakery, and take a few selfies. We’ll be alone on the river with a view that will leave you even more breathless than the actual ice canoeing. You’ll feel free and accomplished – a feeling that’s at the heart of the winter adventure offered by Ice Canoe Experience.

Stage 3: The Trip Home

We’ll return to the mainland so you can warm up and debrief about your experience. Our guides will share the photos and videos taken along the way. And then we’ll say our goodbyes.