Experience all the challenges and excitement of an ice canoe trip in the heart of Québec City. This trip is a half day outing that will give you a complete and safe introduction to ice canoeing on the Saint-Lawrence River.

When you ice canoe on the Saint-Lawrence River, every trip is unique! By paddle and scooter, you’ll get to know the ice, travel along the quays, and observe the ships (they’re bigger than you think) as they arrive and depart the port.

The Ice Initiation includes:

  • A warm welcome in our customer area (heated and fully equipped).
  • Learn about the sport and its historical role.
  • Technical and securitytraining
  • Specialized equipment : neoprene socks and boots, crampons, leg protectors, life jackets, and fitted mittens.
  • Guided outing on the river that varies between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • A hot snack: at the mid-point on the river, the boat stops on the ice for some delicious (and well-deserved) hot chocolate and pastries.
  • Photos : We’ll share your photos with you after your outing.

How to dress up (non included clothing)

  • Technical base layer (1) : a breathable long sleeve shirt to act as your base layer (LIFA, merino wool, etc.).
  • Mid-layer technical sweater :if you think you might need an extra layer of warmth, bring along an additional sweater to wear over your base layer.
  • Light winter coat : softshell or windbreaker, this will protect you from the wind and keep you cozy and warm.
  • Socks (2 pairs) : a pair of thin, quick drying socks, and a pair of thicker, warm socks (in merino wool, for example)
  • Leggings (or thghts) : fitted leggings to act as your long underwear/base layer (LIFA, merino wool, etc.)..
  • Mid-layer technical pants (1): a pair of fitted, technical pants that are a bit thicker than your base layer. They will help keep you warm and provide protection against the wind. Light snow pants are suitable.
  • Head : bring a tuque and a neck warmer made of breathable materials and designed for outdoor physical activity.
  • Sunglasses (optional): bring a pair along if you have a sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Mittens : we’ll supply you with warm mittens adapted for ice canoeing..

Prévoyez des vêtements de rechange pour vous mettre au sec après l’activité.


Adults :

225$ per person

Teenagers (12 to 17) :

Starting at 145$

Reservation or Book as gift